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We protect the core of your corporate infrastructure and implement a privacy and security program to comply with the  13.709 law: Personal Data Protection Law (LPDP - Lei de Proteção de Dados Pessoais).


For us at CompuStream, cybersecurity is more than protecting any and all technologies, it means protect people who, directly or indirectly, depend on anything electronic.


Today, in the IoT era, all types of equipment connected to the Internet have become targets for hackers and malicious people who are looking for vulnerabilities in the infrastructure to reach your business.


Whether exploiting vulnerabilities, compromising the supply chain, or gaining physical access to equipment and systems, these malicious, highly creative people, gain access to the infrastructure where normal protection and procedures are not enough.

The attacks have become very sophisticated in recent years and are no longer simply attacks on software, applications and computer networks… they are now reaching the Firmware level.


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Our services are formed by:


1. Analysis and development of Security Policies


  • Vulnerability and Compliance Diagnostics
    • Mapping and analysis of the entire information flow and IT infrastructure with a focus on the use of personal information, accesses, security flaws, vulnerabilities to attacks, services offered, applications, network equipment and operating systems, among others, proposing solutions for their correction and / or elimination.


  • Security Policy Development
    • Development and implementation of the Security Policy based on international safety management standards and standards, taking into account the management, operational and cultural characteristics of each company. The Security Policy is the set of guidelines, standards, and procedures that must be followed in order to educate employees, customers, partners and suppliers about how to manage, distribute, and protect company information and assets.


2. Security Solutions


  • Security Project
    • Installation and configuration of all tools (software and hardware) and services (procedure and training) required to support and manage the company's Security Policy, including firewall systems, encryption, authentication, availability and integrity monitoring systems, intrusion detectors, secure networks and all the other necessary security tools … nowadays, including the firmware of your equipment.


  • Continuity plan
    • Development and preparation of the procedures and structures necessary for the company to return its activities in the shortest possible time in the event of a disaster. Disasters can occur in a variety of ways, including fire, explosion, flood, robbery, sabotage, electronic crime, service outages, and so on and should be treated according to their impact on the business of the company.


3. Periodic Security Check and Audit


  • Daily, weekly or monthly evaluation of security, carried out locally or remotely, monitoring and analyzing images, accesses, configurations and logs, identifying problems and taking the necessary corrective measures. This service is managed through an active monitoring system, which records everything that happens in real time, maintaining and making available a history of the actions taken.


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